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Deep Cleaning

In contrast to standard cleaning, deep cleaning only needs to be performed infrequently. It's the kind of systematic scrubbing you would do when you first move in or move out of a home, and which should ideally be done, on average, two or three times a year. You know the urge you get to throw open the windows and clear out a winter's worth of dust and grime as soon as the weather warms? That's deep cleaning. The job involves attending to all those nooks and crannies that slowly but surely accumulate dirt, grime, and other build-up over the course of day-to-day life—too gradually or too far out of the way to necessitate weekly attention. A deep cleaning will usually entail all the work of a standard cleaning in addition to the tasks required to more thoroughly spruce up and freshen every corner of the house. ​If your home needs one or more of the following, your home most likely needs a deep cleaning. ​ 

  • Removing soap scum from bathroom and kitchen surfaces

  • Scrubbing tiles and grout

  • Cleaning the areas behind and beneath appliances

  • Dusting and cleaning baseboards

  • Dusting the tops of shelves and other furniture as well as fan blades

  • Fully cleaning and washing both sides of all doors

  • Washing windows and cleaning window treatments

  • Cleaning the oven and scrubbing stovetop and drip pans

  • Shampooing carpets

  • Vacuuming and cleaning furniture

  • Wiping down picture frames and other knick-knacks

  • Cleaning mirrors top-to-bottom

  • Hand-washing light fixtures

  • Dusting and washing blinds and shutters

  • Cleaning cabinet fronts

  • Vacuuming and washing all floors, including inside closets

  • Thoroughly vacuuming all carpet crevices

  • Dusting vents​​ 




Post Construction Cleaning 

A post-construction clean is a specialized cleaning that is done after completion of an addition or a new home, or after renovation of an existing room. Any kind of construction or remodeling will leave behind dust, dirt, and debris which is harmful to your health. Construction dust contributes a significant proportion of airborne matter, Atmospheric Aerosol. ​BusyBee-Cleans supplies and utilizes industry standard (HEPA) vacuums. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums differ from conventional vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles, airborne matter.​ BusyBee-Cleans also utilizes an array of ladders and step ladders to reach high areas. Some high areas include; ceiling vents, mini splits, ledges, and most out of reach areas. 

VLM Carpet Washing

Very low moisture cleaning (VLM for short) is an increasingly popular method of carpet cleaning used mostly in commercial environments, and less often in residential applications (though this is quickly changing). VLM is broadly defined in the industry as a method of carpet cleaning that limits drying to 1-2 hours. VLM processes include encapsulation cleaning, ‘pad capping’, bonnet cleaning and compound cleaning. ​BusyBee-Cleans is now offering VLM Carpet washing to commercial properties. VLM services are limited to residential properties at this time.  

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Additional Services 

  • Window washing 

  • Hardwater removal 

  • Upholstery steam cleaning 

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