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Efficient work

"Not your average cleaning service"

Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. Busy Bee-Cleans is one of the best in the business. Each cleaning service is completed with the highest level of quality.


 Advocates Best Of The Valley 2021, 2022,



DHG Readers Choice 2021 ,2022 ,



Busy Bee-Cleans has full confidence you'll agree! 


Busy Bee-Cleans was founded in 2019 by Northampton native Carrielynn Fournier. Busy Bee-Cleans was built on 6 core principals. 

1. Be trustworthy 

2. Be dependable

3. Be honest

4. Be empowering 

5. Be driven 

6. Be humble 

 We have established strong rapport with local business owners, contractors, young professionals, families, real estate agents, brokers and so many more. Everyone's kind reviews and thoughtful referrals continue to drive our small cleaning business. We are forever grateful and thankful. 


"Small Business, Big Ambition"

Carrielynn Fournier Linktree


Busy Bee


Founder | Operator

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